TwIn eYes

They never fail,
To give you sight.
This beautiful world,
You possess your delight.

They never miss,
To catch a smile.
You make friends
To get worth your while.

They never disregard,
Whenever you feel sleepy.
You close your eyelids,
You surf this dreamy.

They never reveal,
Whatever you hide.
Yet they always suffer,
Whatever heart keeps inside.

They never lie,
Your heart know as well.
But they always reflect,
Whatever lips don't tell.

They never mislead,
Even heart and mind discord.
Life is hard nut to crack,
They always remain in accord.

They never betray,
But they are there to follow.
They always ret themselves,
Whenever you feel sorrow.

They never see each-other ,
Yet they make life full of colors.
Twin eyes always feel the same,
Just like true lovers.


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